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A song by me...

It’s making me
It’s breaking me
It’s tearing me apart again
It’s hurting me
It’s comforting me
It’s what keeps me alive while inside I die

We find ourselves again, staring at the stars
Gazing into nothingness for all those countless hours
As we look back to the love we never had,
The love that keeps me up late at night
The love that keeps me crying after every pointless fight
‘Cause it’s the love we never had

I see your face as twilight breathes its last and fades away
Into the smoke filled mirrors of another day
But you don’t see me; you don’t hear me call out that final goodbye
You don’t see the tears fall down my face as you fade out of sight
You don’t see me wrapped alone in a blanket on those sleepless nights
Because you’re too busy with the moonlight crucification of your defeated soul
As you try to let go of what you once were
As you try to let go of the love we never had


You see roses drenched with blood
Red and white dance together in the darkness
As a bloodied blade and distressed maiden lock themselves in a tower together
To spend the night forgetting the pain
Trying to make everything go back to the way it used to be
Trying to make the lights come back on so that she knows she’s not alone
As she cries to the tune of the love song we never had
As she thinks back to the love we never had


Turn the lights back on baby so I can drop the blade and be with you
So you can dry my fallen tears
So I can fall asleep on your shoulder and let my dreams come true
Save me from my towers, save me from my blades
Save me from myself baby, I’m losing myself in a matter of days
Just turn the lights back on baby, so we can think back to the love we never had
Promise me we’ll be alright baby, so I can let go of the love we never had…

***The word "blade" is a wordplay symbolizing both the literal blade used for cutting, and a crappy/abusive relationship in which the guy treats you like crap and you're just taking the heartache because you're almost addicted to it, even though you know its not good for you...u know what i mean?
Tags: music, poetry/prose

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