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I draw a lot of strength from music and lyrics. There are many… 
2nd-Nov-2006 05:30 pm
I draw a lot of strength from music and lyrics. There are many different works that have given me many different things. This album, Ani DiFranco's "To the Teeth" is an album that has and still does give me a great deal when I am in a period of waking up and rebuilding myself. When I am pulling myself out of a depressive or angry period it reminds me of what matters in life. I don't like all of her music, but a good half of it continually reminds me of what I have to let go and how I have to grow. Check out these lyrics if you like. Back Back Back is always the most inspiring to me. Find the album if the words strike you. The music is amazing. I hope this gives some of you a little of what it gives me.

2nd-Nov-2006 11:11 pm (UTC)
Wow... thanks for those lyrics. I printed out "Back Back Back" to be on the wall next to my desk.
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