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Weekly Thought Stirring Question: Wishes for the upcoming year (public)

So, as everyone I'm sure knows, it's Hallowe'en. So, funny enough, this week's question will be focused around an old Hallowe'en tradition: costumes and wishes!

There are many different stories about how costumes on Hallowe'en came about, and more than one of them talk about costumes being a reflection on a wish for your upcoming year. For many cultures, the time around Hallowe'en was considered New Year. We all know of New Year's Resolutions, and costumes have been said to be one of the first Resolution traditions. According to some stories, a costume was supposed to represent a wish or goal you had for yourself or your life in the upcoming year. People dressed as cats when they wanted more grace (or more naptime), as athletes when they wanted to grow in strength, etc.

Often as survivors, we are so focused on getting through each day that we forget to wish for good things to come to us in the future. Maybe it's because we simply forget, or we feel that we don't deserve good things to happen to us, or that we might even be afraid that any thing we wish for would be taken away once we were enjoying it. No matter what the reason, many of us are hesitant to wish for something. Sometimes, it's easier to wish for something without words - to express it creatively, and I love the opportunity to do that at this time of year.

So this week's question will be about your wish for yourself for the upcoming year, and about what visual imagery (an imaginary costume) you could use to remind yourself of those wishes and/or goals. Don't be afraid to imagine a far-out costume or imagery, everything here is welcome! Also, if you are of a culture or a belief that believes costuming is a no-no, feel free to use imagery that's not a costume - every aspect of life and culture is welcome here :)

So without further ado:
- What wish do you have for yourself for the upcoming year?
- What imagery reminds you of that wish for yourself?
- In the world of your imagination, what costume would you wear to represent your wish to yourself?

- How could you bring the imagery associated with that wish into your everyday life as a reminder of something you hope for?
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