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My day today was rather umm....strange?

I had a very good thing happen.  But some people are just ...ewwwww....!!!!

Keep in mind, I'm 19.

I've been meaning to make it to an adult store now for the past few months.  I have one toy & the one I have I don't particularly like, so what better time than now to try something new?  Plus, I wanted to do something nice for myself since going through all this shit as of late.  I decided take a trip to Ardmore to Christie's Toybox in search of a good vibrator & I managed to find me one that I enjoy immensely!  It really is a beautiful piece of equipment. (I wasn't in the store very long at all either.) I didn't know if I wanted a simple cheap one like I used to have or if I wanted to spend a little more money on one that was fancier.  I decided to go with a fancier one-- the Pearl Diver.  

It actually reminds me of my wedding night when James, Meggie, & I all stayed up & watched Sue Johanson for the first time & she talked about the "Lobster."  It had the clitoral stimulator as well as a g-spot massager.  The Pearl Diver has both of those as well as these rotating pearls where, when fully inserted, sits at the vaginal opening to stimulate the sensitive flesh.  I like the fact that it's relatively small (since I'm relatively small & kinda want to stay that way) & it's made of that jelly stuff, NOT cyberskin! (I dislike cyberskin ALOT.) The jelly is easier to clean & I prefer the smell & non-stickiness of the jelly as opposed to the sticky texture & odor of the cyberskin.  Not to mention, with the jelly all you have to do to clean & upkeep it is washing with warm water & you don't have to worry about putting any powders on it to preserve the material.

Anyway, aside from being extremely pleased with my new toy, I'm ecstatic because I've been able to do something that I've never been able to do before.  I was able to have three orgasms in one day!  And two of them were in succession!  I have never been able to do this before.  I have tried & tried, but I usually begin to be in too much pain & would get too sensitive & have to take a break or stop altogether.  I've certainly never had more than two orgasms in one day-- And never two in succession!  Maybe then I have the potential to have multiples!  I certainly hope so!  I would love to experience that.  I know that when I tell my lover they're going to be so (happy/proud/pleased/ecstatic/excited/?) for me!  I just wonder if there's a way to incorporate my new toy into making Love to my lover.  Maybe there is a way.  I think it really is going to boil down to experimentation.

I also found that the lingerie section @ this particular Christie's has improved quite considerably.  I was looking through just to see if maybe there was something that would look nice on me, something I could wear as a treat for my lover.  Not that my lover has seen all the lingerie that I own yet, but the stuff I have is not so much pretty & I think they would appreciate something that I bought specifically for their pleasure.  I did find one little set, but I didn't purchase it because I suppose I figured I'd spent enough money already. (I'd already been over to Hastings & was able to find the Jars of Clay CD's that I've been looking for as well as purchasing Moon Child, the vampire movie starring Gackt & HYDE.  That is officially one of my new favorite movies!  I boohooed so bad at the end!  But then again, what did I expect from a movie written by Gackt?)  Anyway, I think I'll go back this next week or so & purchase that little outfit.  It's just so pretty & I keep thinking about it.  I need to go get it.  It's gonna bug me until I do.  

Well, something creepy/strange/unnerving happened while I was there.  There was this old man (like 60's-70's age range) in the store who kept watching me. He was already there when I went into the store.  I became aware that he was watching me as I was browsing the lingerie after I had already picked up my new toy.  It made me uncomfortable.  I kind of can't blame him for watching--I'm used to men watching me.  I know I'm attractive & obviously he has good taste.  The little outfit I was wearing really didn't help matters though.  

Actually what I was wearing wasn't revealing at all, but I had on my Mom's fuzzy black & white sweatshirt & it covered the shorts I was wearing so basically it looked as though the only thing I was wearing was the sweatshirt & fishnets.  The outfit I was wearing was CUTE!!!  It was these brown pantsuit-looking short shorts with a brown cami & a pink Victorianesque button-down shirt & fishnets with my little Mary Jane-ish shoes (like what my mother would wear).  It was ADORABLE & I got sooooo many compliments from older women on the ensemble & the best part is everything except for the shoes (I already owned them) & the fishnets (Wal-mart lingerie section) came from the Wal-mart sales rack for $3 per piece.  First time I've bought any clothes for myself in like 3 or more years & it was a steal!  

Anyway, when I was paying for my purchase, the old man walked out the door & got into his Red Chevy Pickup.  As I went to get into my car, he rolled down his window & propositioned me for sex.  He asked me if I wanted to go back to his place & have a little fun.  I politely refused & told him no, that I had a boyfriend (that's all I could come up with on the spot), that I had to go home & get to sleep for work tonight.  He asked me where I worked, if my boyfriend worked with me, & where was he?  I stupidly told him where I worked,  that my boyfriend works with me, & that he was @ home sleeping. (Obviously a lie, but give me a break!  I was rather flustered/shocked/put on the spot & I didn't have the fortitude of mind to tell him that I was gay.  Only as I was driving down the road later on did I realize that, DUH, I should've told him I was gay & it most likely would've shut him up.  Maybe I shoulda told him I was seeing this Big Bad Butch, but he might've been into that kind of thing...) I also realized that I shouldn't have said what town I worked in because that was just a stupid move & I should've known better considering my past experience with stalkers.  Though, in telling him I worked for a Police Department I suppose I thought it'd scare him away or something. (I do think it made him nervous because when I got in my car he hightailed it outta there.)  

Anyway, he kept asking, & I finally just politely told him no again, got into my car, & started the engine.  Thank goodness my radio was turned up as loud as it was--it kind of signaled as the end of the conversation.  I'm obviously paranoid & I should've gotten his tag number, but it was too much of an afterthought; I need to start thinking like a cop if that's the lifestyle that I want.  I guess the more practice I get at being careful & observant, the better I should be.  

Oi.  Brings new meaning to the term "Dirty Old Man."  Maybe I should give him credit for still being able to "get it up" at his age.

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