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Rachel Grace

This is in part for me, and in part for a friend

About half a year ago (second semester 2006), the choirs at my school went to a competition in San Fransisco. I was not in choir that year, so I did not go, but my friend was there. He told me about how the party they went to after the competition got a bit out of control. Our school is a Christian, no-dancing-allowed school, so keep that in mind when reading this.

I'll call my friend "A", and the girl in question "B".

There was heavy freak dancing at the party. In my opinion, freak dancing isn't necessarily wrong; it's just something I would not take part in. However, it's a big issue for our school. A tells me that it became so much of an issue that the boys from our school's choirs had to physically remove some of the girls from the room, because they were so boxed in that they couldn't even see a way out of the room. This has been confirmed by the others. Another friend of mine told me how she had to basically fight a few guys to get out of the room. My school has heard about this. However, A told a person on his cross country team that during the dancing, one of the boys from another school was "touching B's crotch". Somehow, this got around to the school administration as well as to B.

B has been very sheltered for all of her life. In the past, I've seen her get herself into situations where she just plain didn't know what she was getting into. She tries to portray herself as a bit of a "wild child," but we all know that she's just trying to fit in - that she doesn't truly belong with that persona. She claims that the incident didn't happen; that she was just freak dancing, and nothing more.

A has demonstrated to me that he has an incredibly photographic memory on many occasions. I've never caught him lying about something or saying something he wasn't entirely sure was true. He's showed everybody that he's willing to do everything possible to protect the girls of our school - he was one of the guys at the party who was going into the middle to try and get the girls out of there. School officials have talked to him about what happened, and he's told them all the same thing that I've related here.

The school wants to file sexual harassment charges against the boy in question.

Now, I know that it's not up to me to judge who's right and who's lying. I don't need to know that.

However, I'd welcome any input that can be given, specifically on the following:

Is there any advice I can give A? What sort of things could the school do against the boy in question, if B still says that he didn't do anything? I know the school is bound by law to report these sorts of things, but how much evidence do they need to have to report it? Or do they just report any whisper of harassment they hear? Our school is located in California, if that helps at all.

Any other advice you could give is appreciated.

-Rachel Grace
Tags: seeking opinions, sexual assault

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