mauvedragon (mauvedragon) wrote in _survivors_,

Mum has strange ideas abiut food and healthy eating. I'm small and petite but since I left home I have gained weight because I used to eat small meals for dinner once or twice a week, egg fried eggs or 2 minute noodles.

I don't have an eating disorder but I consider myself lucky that I don't. The doctor who is supervising my anti-depressants is concerned because I occasionally skip meals particularly lunch.

I had dinner for my maternal grandma's birthday last night with my grandma and my immediate family. Mum started on me to eat less not for thne first time.

Dad made excuses for her on the way home saying that she feels that she can't control her weight because of her rheumatoid arthitis and that she's always had trouble stepping back appropriately as I grew up.

It almost affected what I bought at the supermarket for this week.

So my doctor is worried about me missing meals but mum is still encouraging me to eat less.
Tags: food issues
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