That girl in the great white north..... (anglo_don_juan) wrote in _survivors_,
That girl in the great white north.....

Last Saturday, while I was on my way to work, I was assaulted at a bus stop at 11 am. I wasn't raped, but it feels so similar. I was confronted by a man with a gun who told me to give him my cash or he was going to shoot me. When I took too long to find my wallet, he grabbed my purse, pushed me to the ground and ran off. The entire time he had a gun shoved in my face. I was so terrified. I live in a bad neighbourhhood, I understood this when I moved here, but I didn't think the violence would happen to me. I live right on the border of a very rich neighbourhood, the class differences are very apparant between Harrison (my neighbourhood) and Bryn Mawr (very upper class). As I was being robbed a couple who obviously came from Bryn Mawr were sitting at a red light, and they both watched it happen and did nothing!

I made a report to the police, but it seems that this is a common occurance the last couple of months in my area. What makes me so angry though is this couple sat there, and after this thug ran off, and the light turned green, they just pulled off. I am shocked and sickened that they couldnt be bothered to even stop to make sure I was ok, or to offer to call the police. I hope they dont think that if they pretend that they didnt see it that it didnt happen. I hate to break it to them, but crime is rampant in my neighbourhood.

I am sad that after all the leaps I have made in healing the last few months my entire sense of security could be shattered by one stupid kid with a gun. I know it wasnt as bad as it could have been ( I can't tell you how many times people have said "well, at least you didnt get shot".) I dont care that I didnt get shot. I am still a victim! I layed on my couch for 6 hours afterwards, with all the blinds drawn. I was terrified of anything and everything. My roommate was in the hospital having her appendix out, so I didnt have anyone to talk to for hours!

I doubt that this stupid thug will be found. And while he got no money, he got a 200$ digital camera...but at least I didnt get shot right? I am upset that this type of crime, any crime really, can go on and people stand by and watch, because they are afraid to get involved. No one stood up to help me fight off my attacker, and I was reverted to a terrified child facing my abuser. Death threats were common to me as a child and during my abusive marriage, but I thought I was past that.

I don't know how my sense of security is going to be when I get home (I left on vacation right after the attack), but I know I am going to take a long long time to get back to where I was. Thank you you stupid punk kid.
Tags: filing a report, robbery

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