hollow_warrior (hollow_warrior) wrote in _survivors_,

I previously posted about having an awkward discussion and breakdown with my girlfriend again, a discussion I worried would push us back into our old patterns of shutting down. Wonderfully, we both seem to be working against the same old same old. We worked opposite schedules the day after, and then the next day she was still making it a point to be as affectionate as she could. It made me feel valued.

And then....she wakes me up at 3am jumping on the bed telling me she got us tickets to see the Indigo Girls! I was so incoherent and she sat on me and started talking 90 mph about how she just got the tickets for us online at 3am, lol. There were 50 left.

So......WE ARE GOING TO SEE INDIGO GIRLS AT 6PM TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!! yep, in Ithaca! I have never seen them but always wanted to. Now my list of everyone I have really wanted to see will be narrowed down to one! I've seen Melissa Ferrick, kd lang, Ani Difranco, soon the Indigo Girls...now all that is left is Melissa Etheridge....and anyone I may discover in the future.

My girlfriend is the sweetest thing!

Just wanted to share something happy.
Tags: positivity

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