Sepia_Lies (sepia_lies) wrote in _survivors_,

So my friend called me the other night right. High off her ass. Weed.
She was telling me all this stuff, and just like when your drunk, you spill all.
Shes been having sex with anyone she wants, whenever she wants. She was telling me how she is having orgys in showers of people houses and in hallways. And how she had this three some with theses girls the other day. 
Than shes like...yeah and Im doing Heroine and Coke to. Its soo much fun.

*Sophia stops breathing*

WTF. Ok..soo I admit, I was into drugs once myself. I NEVER did anyting hard core like that. I want to do Heroin before I die yes, but JUST to see what the deal is with it. But im noty ganna actualyl go out and do it ya know? Its just curiosity. She will use that against me.
She is such a selfish bitch. She doesent deserve the fucking life she has at all. She does whatever she wants no matter who it hurts and she doesnt understand her mortality. I dont know why the fuck she told me this, becuase Im the one that always has to save her ass. I did it once and im, ganna do it again.
She wanted attention now she lost her freedom as far as im concerned. Ill rat her ass out to whoever ahs the power to stop this before she can even understand what the fuck she just did.

Im sorry she is such as seflish bitch and she really does not deserve the life she has.She is a spolied brat who cant stick up for her own actions and grow up. Im sorry is she has had a hard life, im soory most of us here are in that same boat to.
But you dont see us trying to fuck everythign up as good as we can.

Shes done. Im sorry this is her last day of freedom. She just lost her life as of today.
Tags: substance/drug abuse, venting

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