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wow there is so much to be said but not much time i'll start off with saying my health has gotten better. last sunday was two yr mark since i was assulted i did pretty good dealing with, by not trying to remember wat happend to me but to remember how much better my life is today an how far i've come. i just recently got out of an verbably abusive relationship where i was getting threaten to get the shit beat out of me. i haven't cut at all since skewl has started which is really surprizing. but yet today i did smash my head on the wall several time because i was pissed off really bad so i have a goose egg on my forhead. today i found out that a kid brought a gun to our skewl yesterday an know one knew about it today meaning he was walking the halls with a gun in his back pack. i have been going to skewl everyday and have been making it the hole day but this is most of wats new with me i hope everyone is doing good 

will write soon
Tags: leaving abuser, stress, updates
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