Msfirstmom (msfirstmom) wrote in _survivors_,

Weird situation

I started my new position last week, I'm running a hospice unit for the company I've been with for awhile. The weird thing is that the social worker on my team looked at me and said that I looked familiar. I told her that I've worked in alot of hospitals in the community. Two days later she comes back to me and starts asking me several questions about my past, like where I'm from, where did I go to school etc. I answered but I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of my elementary school. Then she said it. My face turned red and I was thrown right back there. Turns out that she was my kindergarden teacher! This is not a good thing. She and all the other teachers and administrators let me down. They turned a blind eye to the abuse or never saw it so no one rescued me. Now she works for me. Now I'm back on the medication to keep me calm. Just what I needed with everything else going on in my life!!
Tags: abuse: child, workplace

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