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How do you deal with the intense flashbacks? My story is a horrible trigger, but if you wish to kind of understand you can view it in my journal. My problem is that I'll be laying in my bed or my living room, but it's as though I'm not there. I look around and I see HIS bedroom, HIS livingrom, and the panic sets in. It takes several seconds before I can find something to ground me, trigger me back into reality. But by then the dominoes have fallen, and the flashback continues until I've ended up reliving the entire experience. My counselor has simply said I need to work on putting those memories away, and only taking them out in bits and pieces I can deal with, but it's ridiculously hard to do that when the flashbacks aren't even triggered sometimes by anything around me that I know of! I'm on medication, but I refuse to remain totally drugged up to avoid thinking at all, I need to work, and have a life. My husband helps sometimes by rubbing my back etc, but I don't want to drag him into it at every flashback. I mean sometimes I wake up at three in the morning with it happening.

Tags: flashbacks, grounding techniques
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