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this is going to sound messed up

so yesterday my friend took my phone, an every time cory called she would answer it she told him he had no right treating me like, that he's an asshole, an inmature kid, that he has hurt me an she wasn't going to let it happen agian, to never call again, an to leave me alone. well this went on for four hours then he finally broke down to her an told her why he was being a prick to me. how he felt like shit for doing it. she told me why he was acting like he was an to give him a call when i felt better. she told him if he hurts me again she's gonna beat his ass. so last night was all good and everything with talking with him he apologized for everything that he said and did. i forgave him of course, then to day i was talking to him an it was going good until he's like "ur all talk tiff your all fucking talk" "i was like no i'm not" he said it again then said "just kidding" then he's like "you have a guy over there don't you, don't lie to me ur a fucking liar tiff your a fucking liar" i was like "i have know guy here so i don't know what ur talking about and i don't lie" then he's like "just kidding" in a softer voice, again he's like "ur retarded" i was like "excuse you what did you say" he's like "your retarded" i said "don't say that i don't like that word" he said "your fucking retarded tiffany then say i'm just playin sorry", i told him he was making me upset when he talked like that he he was like so i just make u upset thats all i do huh i said "no thats not all you do" and then we lost connection and haven't talked to him again.... i really love cory with everything i got and it sad b/c he treats me like shit most of the time but i love him so i just let him treat me like this 

and to top things off i think i'm pregnant, i'm sicker then a wet dog, my leg is really swollan and i don't know why, and i plain aout just feel like shit......

sorry this is reall long and really detailed i just needed to vent.
Tags: abuse: verbal, manipulation, venting
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