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Piercings, anyone?

Alright guys, this could be sensative stuff. It's not really rape related, just ackward.

For awhile, I've been thinking about getting a VCH (vertical cliteral hood piercing). I know it's kinda odd and very unconventional, but I want it. Here are the reasons why.

1. It apparently enhances sensativity, which is something I have a problem with. I dont think it's abuse related. Which leaves me to my second reason..

2. My sexuality is very important to me. Feeling sexy is very important to me. I'm very private, yet comfortable enough to talk about it with people. I feel that by expressing myself sexually, and emotionally to someone I love so dearly would be a kick in the face to my abusers. But I don't persue it for that. I persue it because it's liberating after being confined for so long. I'm discovering who I am, in all aspects of my persona.

3. I've finally come to not hate my genitals. C'mon, at one point, we all hated them as being the conduit through which someone took a very large piece of us away. Leaving us with the reminders that were in fact, a piece of our bodies which were there long before anyone tried to harm us. I feel that getting this piercing would be a celebration of sexuality, triumph, and feminimity that only I can uniquely express. And it's a secret all my own, but this time, a good one.

I have my septum (the part that separates your nostrils, for those who don't know), as well as my left nostril piereced already. I guess you can say I've caught the bug of the addiction to piercings. If you don't have any, you probibly cannot understand what someone who has a piercing feels about it. For me, it's a statement, and a profound one.

If anyone does have a VCH, what are your thoughts? As a survivor, how do you describe the idea of having something like this? And for everyone else ( I am assuming no one in the community has one, but ya never know), am I completely nuts?

If I'm breaking any rules, please let me know. I come to this community because I trust all of your advice and feel like I can share things that I don't even write about in my own journal. I hope I'm not offending anyone, I love you guys much too much to offend :)
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