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so ya tonight was the last straw for me putting up with his bullshit an everything how it all went down.............. he called my phone today and i was washing my hands so jen had answered it he said this dudes name and of the persons name he said i only knew 1 person with that name and that person was one of the guys that assulted so i started freaking out so jen finally hands me the phone i realized it was him he sat there swearing at me saying it wasn't me and everything else despite what i said so i started getting pissed and went off on him just when i was about to tell him it's over he hung up on me i tryed to call him back he wouldn't answer so i let it go until i got done with the rest of my night skewl so on my way home i called him again but i had to call him on his foster brothers cell phone he gets on an was like man i don't even want to talk to you right now i was like no this is bullshit we started fighting again an he was like man watever i said man watever urself we're done and over don't call me anymore then hung up it was hard for me to do but i was pissed and also knew it was the best thing to do for my health so thats wats with him
     more stuff i'm suppose to go to court tuesday/today at 9:30 but i'm not going i think i have finally started to really heal after being assulted this will be the first court date in almost 2 years that i will have not of gone to since all this began in november 04 with the courts.... i've been going to all of them in away of trying to cope and i think i finally have made a big break through with all of this which is good i need to start moving on at a heavier past i know i will have my days were all this will bring me back to the floor but i know i can do it now that this won't be holding me back for the rest of time :)
     the rest of the day i had a break down earlier b/c my mom found out some stuff about this weekend and what had happend so i felt our relationship crumbelling which has tooken so long for us to build i feel really bad b/c i did lie and i hate lieing but i rather have lied then dealt with it :( not a good option b/c i know it will come back and bite me in the ass but i just didn't want to deal with it.......... i think i'm getting mono which i would've gotten from jessie which really ain't kewl at all ashley had her baby it's a girl had it at 2:06 am monday morning but this is about all the news i have for right now i'm sorry i know this is long but just had a lot to say hope everyone is doing good ::*hugs*:: to everyone

Tags: confronting abuser, filing a report, venting

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