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have you ever gotten into something you know is unhealthy and is going to hurt you one way or another??????

ok so i'm in this relationship with the very controlling guy he freaks out everytime i tell him i hung out with a guy friend i'm not suppose to talk to other guys he has to know who i'm with 24/7 and if i don't tell him he'll use choice words to scream at me but even on top of that, that isn't what i'm most afraid of the thing that i'm afraid of most is we're suppose to be going camping this weekend him and i will have our own tent and my friend and her boyfriend will have their tent....... see my b/f just got out of a correctional facilaty him and i haven't been together that long but since he's been locked up for awhile he wants sexs and the hole nine yards well i think it's to soon in the relationship to be having sex but i'm afraid to say no to him he's indimedating and puts on the guilt trip which just makes me say yes or ok b/c i don't want to fight with it and don't want to go through being assulted again but there is one thing i did say no to and that was him asking if i would suck his dick i said no but he's like yes you will i said no i don't do that shit well this went on for awhile and at the end he's like i'll just make you suck my dick then all i wanted from this camping trip is to have a good time and be with him but he wants more which just ruiens it for me so i really don't want to go camping and i told my friend i don't but i didn't tell her why she's like well thats mean of you wev'e had this planned for awhile an now you don't want to go so i just said yes i'll go camping so i don't know what to do i'm scared i know i should get ride of him but i just can't leave someone i love like that it's always been like this even with friends with being treated like shit i'll take it and let it beat me down i just have that kind of personality if you would say but ya all i reall can say is i'm scared
Tags: abuse: control, threats
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