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I appeared on a radio talk show for 'Darkness To Light' with host Kathleen Brooks from Ethicalife.com for this week's show called 'Voices of Strength - Speak Out'. Please feel free to tune in and listen to the show at the links below.


Listen to the show


First Segment
Second Segment
Third Segment





Last week's 'Healing Through Creativity' event was amazing! 4 members of the CD 'Voices of Strength', Haullie (me), Brian, and Catherine attended this amazingly healing event organized by George who is also a member of the 'Voices of Strength' CD. Guests joined in on presentations to help heal the soul and foster awareness, a VOS presentation and listening session filled with emotion, compassion and support, and child abuse survivors had the incredible opportunity of being a part of 'The Show of Hands' founded by Lodi Larson.


click on photos to enlarge


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