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So, I get how music can be soothing and all that, but I never would have thought it would impact me THAT much.
When I was little, I was very...not stable. 
I had a really bad case of Separation Anxiety from my mom. I always thought she would just decide that she didnt want me one day adn leave me somewhere. So it scared me to be without her.
Anyway when I was  this little, im talking...5 , 6 and on, and I would sleep over at people houses alot. I would cry all night. I didnt like no sleeping in my bed. I mean It freaked me out to be in unfmailiar surroundings, especially without my mom. SO I would sit up and cry all night, and go through many panic attacks and so scared.
So my aunt Kathleen made me a casset tape. She didnt know what she was doing. She made it for my birthday. But the first song on the tape, was Enya's Watermark, off of the Watermark CD. That song..did amazing things for me. That was the only way I got to sleep at night. Thats the only way I would stop crying and calm down. It HAD to be playing constantly for me to sleep. It made all the bad things go away and everything would stop adn id be calm. It took the pain away.
Even to this day its an amazing song. It still does what it did for me as A child.

And just for you all who arent familiar with Enya, heres where you can find the clip. (Go figure shes Irish...)


Does anyone eles have these types of songs?

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