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i'm back

hey guys i've missed u i'm home safe i only fell once it did hurt but not that bad i had a trip down memorie lane tonight we went to the gravesites of my uncle randy and luke which would of been my uncle then we went and saw my moms old house for where she lived as a kid it almost put me in tears how bad it was b/c when they moved out the owner set fire to the house damaging baisicly everything then we went to my grandma gavitts house i almost balled but my grandma was there my great grandma gavitt pasted away about 6 years ago and tonight was the first time since she's passed that i've seen her house it brought back so many memories but all in all i had a good trip but i'm going to bed b/c i have to babysit in 5 1/2 hours ain't i lucky well i luv you guys and goodnight
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