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ok so it's hard for me to talk about the things that bother me thats why i was gonna completly leave live journal but i've came to my sense as i said in my last post i gotta diffrent name but to let u all know what lead up to that was some harsh comments such as.... after u read the comments thats why i feel like shit and thats only like half of them and thats why i have cryed myself to sleep the last 2 nights so right now my self esteem is very very low but ya
Then again, your complete lack of common sense doesn't surprise me one bit.
Go find a knife and a bathtub.     
She's in dire need of euthanization. She's lucky retards like xbrokenbloodx and freeko exist. 

lostchild4ever fails at internet disease. Seriously, that is the least flattering icon I've ever seen

If I were such a whale, I'd give up on cutting. You can't really do much damage when you've got an inch of fat around your arms or wherever.

But all the fat would ooze out! It's like liposuction!

Regarding her username:
Mostly because nobody's ever decided to look for her.

Results 1 - 10 of about 190,000 for ugly fat emo chick watching. (0.19 seconds)     

That double chin of hers is deserving of its own atmosphere.

That double chin of hers is deserving of its own atmosphere.

She's got the perfect Juggalette face.

I'll beat dat ho down.

Results 1 - 10 of about 13,200,000 for whale watching. (0.06 seconds)

I beg to differ.

Until you consider that one typically does not use a boat to search for land whales.

She looks bald, and she's got a gammy eye. Weirdo.

No, being an attention whore is carving oneself in a lame attempt to garner pity. Then again, you'd know all about that

hit the treadmill, fatty.

keep on cuttin!

Awww, go cry a river and drown in it, saddlebags.

"The world doesn't need you wasting the air." If only you and the rest of you self-mutilating sub-humans would heed that line of advice.

Go back to the buffet table, you morbidly obese twat.

I also see that you've never heard of "grammar". This is nothing to be surprised of, you're from Wisconsin. The state of nothingness. I also see that you're grotesquely obese. This makes me lol. You're a fucking heffer, you're an American piece of trash, and you've got severe Englisch failures.

You're the purest form of bottom-rung human life. I do believe it's called "white trash". Your education is non-existant, and somehow you figure that your simple, corn-fed life is worthy of being cut to pieces by razors.

d00d look at her, her mom probably got hungry and ate the condom.

Wow, you failed Jenny Craig AND Hooked On Phonics? Too bad your parents never heard of contraceptives.

im sorry. i couldn't understand any of that around the sound of the doughnuts you were shoveling in your trap. please try again.


you win for least flattering icon evar

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