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Movie talk

So I’m sitting her at work talking with my co-worker. She is talking about the movie, “Woman thou art Loose”.

It’s a movie about a young girl that is raped by her mother’s boyfriend. Her mother never believes the girl. The girl ends up leading a very hard life. There’s more to the story. Her mother also faced the same scenario and her mother told her to “deal with it”.

First of all, it was a little hard to have the discussion since her view was different from mine. I’ve been in a similar position as the main character. Her view is from her being a mother and the fact that she would not allow/or stand that to happening to her kids.

She kept saying, “How could she let that happen to her daughter.” So….I tried to explain the psychological aspects. I was in no way justifying what happened. I was however, trying to see it from a different view. Trying to explain to her how it does happen that a mother could/and do respond that way. That’s why they made the movie! To open her eyes.

Her eye’s never opened. She never really heard me. She just felt like it should never never never/could never never never happen. And it shouldn’t. But it does. Understanding why it happens is one method of prevention. Knowledge is a key. Then again….some people are just messed up.

Maybe I’m a bit analytical. I like to explore the psyche.

Yeah. So it was a bit hard to talk to her about it…….

Just had to get that out…….
Tags: invalidation, rape, triggers: television/movies

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