livinglife (lostchild4ever) wrote in _survivors_,

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i don't know

.it's going on 4 days exactly since what happend i still haven't gone in and am very sick i haven't been able to keep food down i don't even have an appetite to eat an i also can't keep much of any liquids downand all i wanna do is sleep and cry... i've maybe had one full meal in the last 4 days i don't know whats going on with me i'm still in pain and know matter what i do it won't go away last night it got so bad i had to sit in a very hot bath tube for a half hour and that probably worked for an hour i don't know what to do an the earliest a friend can take me in is monday morning is that to late? do you even consider this rape? i just don't know i'm numb and confused and thats about all i can say
Tags: mourning, rape, seeking opinions, seeking support
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