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So, for people who have confronted their abuser, or maybe just know the answer. How far has/do people thing their abuser would go to discredit your accusations? I mean, does anyone have bad experiences with that?

Ok, this isn't making sense, lets try this again. Last week, thanks to someone I thought I could trust, my secret was made known to EVERY SINGLE member of my family, including my abuser (hence the nasty comments in my previous thread). Not only was I thrown out of my house, but I am now being ostrasized by my entire family, even the ones I was on good terms with. My aunt picked me up from work, had all of my belongings in the back of the van, and took me downtown to the homeless shelter. She expected me to fend for myself. Well, amasingly, I have fared very very well, thanks to other people I have in my life who support me.

But I know that not a single person in my family believes me. This is precisly why I was not going to ever confront him, because I knew they would make me out to be crazy. I may have some issues, but I am by no means crazy. What are other people's experiences who have confronted their abuser, or if family and friends have found out? I am 800 miles away from the majority of my family, so I do not believe they can do anything to me up here, but I am still a little worried. I have a good job, and I don't want the one person who lives in my town to make trouble for me. If they do start to cause trouble, is there anything I can do about it? I know I am asking a lot of questions here, and a lot of them probably don't make sense, but I am exploring new territory here. I have never been in this predicament (if it can be called that...*sigh*) before.

I am tired, so I am sorry if this isn't making sense...but I have been worrying about this for days. I have lived through a lot in my life, and I'm sure I will live through more....I just want a break for once.

Thanks a lot for letting me ramble. :)
Tags: abuse: incest, confronting abuser, homelessness, invalidation, seeking opinions
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