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Breaking my silence

Hello everyone!
       I was invited to speak to a women's studies class (about 250 people to be exact) about my experiences, the effects of my experiences, etc. I feel ready to break my silence and I hope that I can take a very negative experience and turn it into a productive one at least.  So I was thinking about discussing the definitions of rape versus incest versus sexual assault, etc. I was also planning on discussing statistics, different emotional and physical responses and prevention.
        So I'm inviting all of you to contribute to this lecture and tell me your ideas of what I should discuss. I'm preparing a power point presentation with different sections. Therefore, if any of you have anything you want me to discuss feel free to share it. Everyone here has been so amazing and in no way am I suggesting I'd be telling your story. That is up to you. But I sincerely hope in some small way you feel slightly empowered.
          Thanks so much everyone!! *safe hugs*
Tags: activism/advocacy, awareness, telling others
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