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Triggering. sisters friends came over...Ok right? No.
Thjey were high off their asses, so they were like Sophia, wanna come with us? They had drugs and cigs..I wasnt ganna say no. So I got in, got a cig..and they went off to get food. Brent gave me a pink pill, whihc I think was muscle relaxer..dunno but I feel somethiong now. 
Anyway, now things start to turn bad.
We came home, they ate, Im in my room. Brent comes up and is like "Hey you should call you mum to see if she'll let you guys come with us" (Brent=British...yeah straight up) Anyway Im like no, Im not calling her I dont want to go. So they got angry cuz I wouldnt which me nt my sister couldnt. So...w/e right?
Brent got angry adn was ike "Call her now or eles"..ok and im going..or what? You cant do anything. WRONG.
The fucker grabs my laptop whihc is sitting on my lap, gives it to this girl named Kim. Grabs me by the arms pulls me up, grabs me byu the waist and starts to squeeze my stomach. Im lauhging..I mean I thought he's kidding, hes just really high. Hes like..Do it. I say no. So he squeeaes harder, adn Now I cant breath so I start to fight back. So than, we kinda get into it. I push him, he hits me. I kick him, he throws me on the ground. Im siting on the ground, cuz its safe right. No.
He has kim hold my legs, He sits on top of me holding my arms down. Hes like..Now I dont want to get angry...
BULL. Im going get the fuck off me. He doesnt. He sqeezes my wrist and puts his elbos on my arms, pshing them into it. And I scream cuz that hurts. He laughs and says Change your mind. I dont. I look at him and stop screaming and go NO. becuase I must challenge...
Soo Kim starts pinching my legs and that hurts becuase shes not being nice either. And that hurts so im kicking her off and hes being thrown all over, so he puts his knees into my ribs and I cant breath adn that hurt! So I scream and in comes my sister and Jenna, and they laugh. Im They are just standin there as Im almost in tears with a 6'2 british kid on my and Kim holding my legs.

I dont know, but he finally gets off adn Im near tears and im so angry, they sit on ym bed laughing goin..come on just come. Im That fucking hurt do you think im  going with you now??
So they just leave, brents like No hard feelings mate..Im like "SUCK IT" and when  he tries to hug me I bite him and he bleeds. Hes like "WTF?" and just sits there staring at me.. My sister comes back in and takes him out..and Im like....omfg wtf just happend.

So my mom comes home and Im crying adn shes like whats wrong. OI tell her not to let my sister go with them and She asks me if they hurt me. Im like...yes. She didnt ask specifics, but she got angry and yelled at them and brent better not come back.

I feel so stupid. ONE I took drugs...TWO he overpowerd me. THREE I am not strong enough to fight back....Im so stupid. BUT I did my best to fight him off, that hurt alot. My arms still hurt.

Comments please? I feel like a fucking idiot.
Tags: abuse: physical, physical restraint, threats

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