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Expression Heals, Live @ Open Mic

Tonight, I did it. Out loud. In front of an audience. I wrote out notes, my body shaking with rage and passion and love and all that hadn't been said. An hour later, my voice took off, stabbing, secure, strong, purposeful and powerful, expressing the heart and soul of what my body has been waiting too long to express.

Inspired by ascarredbody's silence.

Silence can be loud.

Louder than the most anguished cry.

Loud enough to drown out the sound of my heart beating in my chest.

A look can be powerful.

Powerful enough to get across even the most silent of messages.

**Stares everyone down.**

Take time to hear the message in the spaces where the words would be, if only he had ears to listen.

Close your eyes and imagine, no, BE the silence of the most joyous, gleeful moment you can think of. Taste it, feel it, smell it, exist it. Don't open your eyes until you *are* that moment. Be the silence of the sun, shining so brightly you could light up this entire room.

**Long stretch of silence**

Now close your eyes again, and if you hadn't yet opened your eyes, let that silence go. We're headed in a different direction now. Create the silence in you that comes from fear, from absolute terror. The fear that makes your skin crawl, that captures your voice, locks it in a box deep within your throat.. Not the fear that comes from a scary movie, but the fear that makes you run for your life, if only your legs hadn't fallen out from under you. The fear that would inspire you to scream, if only he could hear it.

The terror that says please, not this, not now, not ever.

**Long pause**

No means no, regardless of how it is expressed.

This statement, these words, few but strong, are dedicated to the countless women whose silence preceeded the rape that would forever haunt them.

Honor their silence.

Honor mine.

**Its paraphrased. I do best in spoken word, where the words just flow. I tend be in the moment - remembering the wording and rhythm tends to be difficult. This felt important enough to try to share.**

Tags: awareness, inspirational, rape, telling others

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