CyanideEffect (cyanideeffect) wrote in _survivors_,

Fuck my family.

I really hate that I cant just except my familes bullshit adn be happy with it. No, I have to go looking for proof, for answers....goddamn me.

I went to Nospr to find my BROTHER. I was hoping he was a registerd offender Hes not. But I found somehting eles...
My a registerd Second offense Sexual Assult offender. Which means he either raped a child...orr...did something els relally bad that I dont even want to think of right now.
My family are the biggest bunch of liars Ive ever met, and I hate them.
My uncle was in prison since I can remember, he got out maybe A year or Six months ago, I dont remembre what. Anyway, I never knew what he did. And I asked my mom adn some other family members, they all said "Oh he was just a stupid kid ya know?" or.."He did alot of little things which added up along the way.." NO FUCKING WAY WAS THAT LITTLE. He is registerd FOREVER it doesnt go awayl. No LITTLE THING is oign to get you registerd FOREVER.

I hate ym family so much. I hate me so much. Why can I just take their bullshit adn be happy with it. Why do I need to go looking for proof, looking for me. Sticking my head where it doesnt belong, but damn I have the right to know. I was fucking molested, I have the RIGHT TO KNOW about MY fucking family. Granted my uncle was adopted...HES STILL MY UNCLE. 

MY MOM fed me the bullshit about him 'doing a bunch of little things that dded up" UGH im going to ask ehr when she gets home. I WILL NOT BE LIED TO ANYMORE. No more. I want to know my family, I want to know my past...oh speaking of which it scareds the fuck out off me becuase I know so little about my past, adn my uncle was convicted when I was eight, And I have no idea who the child is. It could be me, or worse my cousin. But I want answers now.!
Tags: family, sex offenders, validation, venting

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