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answers to this week's questions...

 answers to this week's questions...

What independence did you lose after surviving abuse?

I can't drive a car, I can't find a job because I'm afraid of how people will percieve me. Mainly "wierd". I only feel comfortable around other survivors and that is so sad. I want to be independant but I don't know how to be because I have so much to fear.

What pieces of independence have you already regained?

I can now conduct buisness over the phone which is a huge step for me as far as figuring out some of the bills around the house.

What sort of independence are you working towards now?

I'd like to finally be able to drive a car, get a job, have a career that means something. I have a wonderful husband that takes care of me but I'd like to take care of him too. One of my biggest dreams is buying a fishing boat for my husband. But because he always takes care of me but it seems that I'll never be able to make that dream come true for him. That is what I'd really like to do. Buy something special for my husband as a thank you for all of the years he gave back to my life through his understanding and support.
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