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I want to thank everyone for being welcoming and supportive, especially to someone coming from a different place as the partner of a survivor. I've enjoyed entering this community. I joined one other community with less promising results. I got only one comment and it was someone telling me to end the relationship. People like to give up when things get too hard. Though I do ask if she can make the progress she needs to make while being romantically involved with anyone. But I think that as supportive as we are and that she moved to a strange place for me (She moved with me a year ago so I could go to grad school), I think her recovery would be better with my full support as a partner trying to respect boundaries.

We live with a great deal of hope, all of us here have to I'd imagine. Hope keeps the heart beating. My girlfriend and I had a few days off together and she was so sweet to me on my birthday. It reminds me of the connection we do still have. We talked of what the future could be and that refreshes my hope.

Some days I dont handle it so well. Some days I am very depressed. These days its good though. I suprised myself by getting a bit drunk and not breaking down on her. Sometimes alcohol will bring up feelings I can't control. Usually the fear and sadness. Then I'll cry and she will shut down. But this time I was okay, and she talked, I didn't. It's so refreshing when she talks about her head because she's usually so stoic about it. I really hope she goes through with therapy in the fall.

Anyway, thanks again. And I'd like to be here for everyone here in anyw ay that I can.

I have Allies in Healing, which I will start reading. I've read Ghosts in the BEdroom, which was great, very compassionate and well written. I'd recommend it to any of your partners dealing with the same thing.
Tags: determination, positivity, relationships, seeking support: for a friend
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