aliwadha (aliwadha) wrote in _survivors_,

Expression Heals Part 3

Hello again all!

I just received some *great* inspiration from one of you (just not putting the name in case she wants to remain anonymous, please feel free to identify yourself!) to do a third piece focused on what our abusers said to us later to try to justify their actions/defend themselves.

Examples she gave were things such as: "are you pregnant? * you think I raped you? * did you ever even say no to me? * I was joking around with you ", etc.

So, in keeping with the form of the others, if you'd like to contribute to this piece, please feel free to reply to this entry or email me at

Also, I've been thinking that if I end up exhibiting the piece, I'd put a list of the people who contributed in the description. If you're not comfortable using your full name, you can use only your first name, or a psuedonym if you feel more comfortable with that, and maybe your age when the abuse occurred? If there was more than one, maybe pick the age when you felt most affected, or an average? (Again I'm still brainstorming, so please feel free to share your opinions!)

Thank you all for sharing your stories with me in this way. I promise to honor them to the best of my ability. Our expression DOES heal.
Tags: art, invalidation

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