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Expression Heals Part 2

I put this one in a separate entry just so that its easier for me to compile your replies.

So the second piece I'm thinking of doing would have more to do with what WE said/thought/told ourselves before, during, or after our abusive experiences. This one is still pretty sketchy in my brain, but would follow the same basic design of a collage of words in the background with a bigger statement painted/collaged over it.

Some examples for my thoughts would be:

"Oh no. Please no. It hurts. I didn't want to. Shit. Just say yes, it'll be over quicker that way. Besides, isn't this what you do if you love someone?", etc.

Once again, please know that by posting, you are giving me permission to use your words in my art piece. If you want to share but don't want me to use what you've said, please just say so in your reply. Please also feel free to reply with any questions or concerns you might have.

Thanks so much!

Oh, and you can always email me at If you want to send your reply there, please just put "What I thought" in the subject.

*Edit* - Also, I've been thinking that if I end up exhibiting the piece, I'd put a list of the people who contributed in the description. If you're not comfortable using your full name, you can use only your first name, or a psuedonym if you feel more comfortable with that, and maybe your age when the abuse occurred? If there was more than one, maybe pick the age when you felt most affected, or an average? (Again I'm still brainstorming, so please feel free to share your opinions!)

Tags: activism/advocacy, art

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