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Contributions for an Art Piece

Hello all!

I've just recently been inspired to create a few different art pieces as part of my healing process, and I'm hoping for your input!

Thus far what I've got in mind is to create a series. The first will be a tribute to the fact that, in many cases, we said no and our abusers went on anyway. It will be called "I Said No". The background will be a collage of everything our abusers said to us to try to get us to do what they wanted, or really just anything they said to us before, during, or after...

Examples of mine are "Come on just do it, why wont' you just do it? Are you too young to kiss an old man like me? Porque no, eres virjin? I think we should just follow our instincts like animals and just do it", etc.

I'm hoping to cover the background with these kinds of phrases, coercions, threats, what have you, and then over the top paint in red, dripping letters "I SAID NO."

Here's where you come in! If you would like your experience to be a part of this healing expression, reply to this post with what he (or she, but please specify if your abuser was female as it may end up going into a different piece) said to you before, during, or after the abuse occurred.

Also please be aware that by posting you are giving me permission to use what you share in my artwork. If you want to share but don't want me to use it, please just let me know!

You can also email your words or experience to me at If you are replying to this entry specifically, please put "I said no" in the subject line so that I can organize your replies more easily - thanks!

The design of the piece is still developing, so if you have any ideas you'd like to share, please feel free to do that as well!
Tags: activism/advocacy, art, coercion
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