My thought's are choking on you my dear (starromance14) wrote in _survivors_,
My thought's are choking on you my dear

I thought I was strong enough to save myself.

Basically I just got drunk I drank away my pain's I numbed my senses for a little while. I want my life back, all that's ever on my mind is getting more I want more pot, I want more Ecstacy, more acid, I want more. 

I need help and I'm scared to ask for it, Because what if my parent's say no? Or don't believe me? 

My whole life has been a whirl, I started to cut and I was strong enough to get through that, than I was raped and I made it through alright , and than I was introduced to drugs and I loved them, the feeling when your tripping, I thought I made some friends, I thought it was all going to be okey.

But I was wrong I'm exhausted and I can't save myself.
And now that I'm awake I have nothing to show. 

I hadn't cut for four month's and I just took my razor and slashed my arm again and again.
I want someone to save me because I'm scared.

I want need help and I don't know how to go around telling my dad that I'm killing myself. I don't sleep anymore everytime I close my eyes I have nightmare's and i wake up and go out and smoke away my problems.

I'm broke I have no money it's gone I can't even get myself to a hospital because I have no gas, and no friend's to take me.

Please someone save me. Please.
Tags: depression, seeking support, self-injury, substance/drug abuse

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