Verity Black (idreamofshoebox) wrote in _survivors_,
Verity Black

I don't know who else to bring this to, so I'm coming to you. I know it isn't abuse, per say, but it hurts.

I think I'm going to get fired.

I've missed a lot of days because of panic attacks, and had to leave work early once. He used to put me on the schedule almost every day, then only on weekends, and now not at all. I called my work to find out my schedule and the girl said I wasn't on all. Then my supervisor calls and says my boss will be phoning me tomorrow to "discuss" the schedule.

Dear God, I think I've been fired. This would be the third job from which I will have been fired--and I've only had six!

I'm worried that if it turns out that I was fired, I might try to kill myself. I really need you guys here for me. Please.
Tags: suicidal thoughts, workplace
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