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I had therapy last week. I was sooooo depressed for the rest of the week. I REALLY like my therapist though. She was really sympathetic and she seemed to really got me. It was aweseome. I like her. She wants me to go see and phsyciatrist (sp?) and get some anti-depressants. I have mixed feelings about them, but I think it might help. I'm really happy that I started it up again. I haven't cut sense that last time. I haven't because I threw my razor away. I was so pissed one day because I wanted to cut so bad, but I couldn't break open a razor and nothing else was sharp enough. Plus, I don't want to hurt people who care about me and have them gripe at me. Anywho, I think things will hopefully start looking up. Is it one of those it has to get worse before it gets better kinda things?
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