The crazy one... In chains. (ascarredbody) wrote in _survivors_,
The crazy one... In chains.

*Waves* Hi, I'm new.

Hi, my name is Jaimie. I joined about a week or so ago, but I only just now beefed up enough confidence to post. I'm 16, and going in to my junior year of high school. I live in Mobile, Al. In other words Redneck central.

In the past 2 and a half to three years I've seen more therapists, psychiatrists, and social workers than I care to think about. I've been on more "Anti-depressants" and "Mood stabilizers" than I can even begin to count. I've been to a short-term mental hospital twice. 25 days total. The first time for "Self-Injury and depression" the second time for a suicide attempt. That was a year and a half ago.

I was molested and raped by my father when I was 10. I've gone through an entire legal system tirade since then. But right now, I don't even think my mind is in the right place to post about that. I'll tell the full story sometime soon. But not right now.

I just wanted to introduce myself.
Tags: abuse: incest, hospitalization
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