lostparagon (lostparagon) wrote in _survivors_,

Perhaps this is just me, but does anyone else have a hard time feeling sexually secure if there are even small criticisms coming your way?

I was thrilled that I could finally try wearing something semi-revealing, and I feel like that has been crushed again. I want to run back to my huge shirts and baggy jeans. My boyfriend made maybe two comments about how "other people" might percieve the way I was dressing as slutty. And those few words made me not want to even try anymore. Because I've worked so damn hard to be able to show off my body even a little bit, and he killed that completely. Is this normal? Is it something I'll get over? Is it even something other people have gone through?

Also, basically on the same note of people discouraged easily I suppose... I've had three people (including my boyfriend) say that my sexuality needs to be toned down. That, again, "other people" might not approve. I don't get why other people matter, honestly, but perhaps they do. But I don't see how what I do in the bedroom should matter to anyone else.
Should this stuff even bother me? :\
Tags: sex
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