rock together/walk together (staranchor) wrote in _survivors_,
rock together/walk together

After years of repression I finally am going through therapy to deal with the molestation that occurred for years while I was a child. I have a great counselor, family, life, etc... but at times I still feel lonely. My main support group was my ex-girlfriend who broke up with me and now even though I am dealing, I still feel overwhelmed, almost floundering in the pain sometimes. I refuse to quit because quite frankly this is what I wanted, and am already seeing and knowing the results. The real reason I'm posting: To know I'm not alone, and may be make friends. I'm Leah, and I'm 22. I live in North East Ohio. I'm in college right now and am home for the summer working. I'm proud of not only myself, but everyone else as well. Take care!
Tags: molestation, relationships, remembering, seeking support
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