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Medical Advice

I need some advice regarding an issue I'm having medically, specifically with pelvic exams. I'm putting the details behind an LJ cut in case anyone finds this topic triggering. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have been raped twice; once in March 2004 and once in January 2006.

Since those incidents, I can't have ANYONE TOUCHING ME. I mean seriously, my {male} boss put his hand on my shoulder and I almost jumped out of my seat.

So therefore, the issue of my yearly pelvic exams comes into play. I mean most women can't stand pelvic exams as it is; nevermind having dealt with a traumatic experience. I understand they're necessary for health and I recognize the importance for certain individuals. It honestly feels like I'm being raped all over again...

However, I am cancer free, no STDs, I have no family history of cancer and I'm not sexually active. However, I AM on birth control for period issues but I've been on the same brand for 5 years with no problems. But, my new GYN will not just give me a prescription for birth control without a pelvic; even though she knows my entire situation. She claims that for a prescription I have to be examined.

Ok, so if I have to get this exam done, I'm trying to find ways to cope. I looked on-line for websites on how to cope but there's relaly nothing. Most websites focus on the importance of getting a pelvic exam immediately after being raped..but none address how a pelvic exam can be difficult for rape/sexual assault survivors. It seems like the issue itself is pretty much ignored.

If anyone has dealt with this situation before or has any advice on how to deal with it, I would be forever grateful. If I have to get this pelvic exam done I will seriously have a panic attack on the examining table. :o(

Tags: coping skills, ob-gyn appt: what to expect
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