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This is more of a question to people out there that might know anything about this. I heard that there is no law about letting a community know about a pedophile that is released into it in Canada. Is this true?
There is one that was released into our small community. (about 500 people) On his record apparently it is stated he is at a high risk to reoffend. were he lives, actaully the next house down from were I am currently babysiting three children, there are alot of children. Luckily our community is a prison community, (Well there's a pen here and a lot of guards live here. The guy also went to prison here.) so a lot of people do know what he has done.
My cousin's wife sadly does not believe he has done these things though and apparently lets him around her two young daughters. (one is 5 years old the other is maybe one with downs.) This scares me greatly. I personally know someone that was rapped as a child and the thought that it could happen to my litle second cousins scare me.

Sorry I just need to rant about this a little. Any advice or anything would be great.

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