Shadow Flying In Daylight (sistahraven) wrote in _survivors_,
Shadow Flying In Daylight

Weekly thought stirring

This week's question is a bit hypothetical, so bear with me :)

Imagine the world were about to come to an end, but some benevolent alien race (who for some reason couldn't *save* Earth decided to collect a time capsule of sorts to remember all of human kind. Imagine that you had the chance to put one thing - one memory, one sentiment, one feeling, or even just one object - one thing that you would choose as being unique to just you for how you would want to be remembered... what would it be?

Sometimes, being able to identify ourselves and what is uniquely us can help us to build a positive self-image, and be more confident in who we are, so talk away! :)

I think that for me, what I would like to be able to have me remembered by would be a picture of me that I used to have. In it, I was only about three years old, so I was so small - but there I was, standing at the edge of the pond, bigger-than-me geese standing all around me, just staring out over the pond. I look serene, happy to just be out in nature. Standing on my own being so small, not afraid to be nearby to the geese, who are just mingling around near me.

For me, that represents me - independent, pensive, and surrounded by nature. It's also an image that shows me my own inner strength, from a time so long ago, from a time when I was being seriously abused... it reminds me that I've had the strength all along to get through everything. I'd love to be remembered that way... strong and at peace.
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