Intentionally Blank (supersonicchica) wrote in _survivors_,
Intentionally Blank

Livejournal Community for Children's Rights

Hi I know I haven't been a member to this community very long, but I was hoping to make a small promo for the community kiddie_rights...

It's the First and Only Community on livejournal addressing the issue of Children's Rights, Child Abuse, and Child Abuse survivors...

so if you're intrested in the welfare of children all around the globe,
are tired of predators hunting down our children
or you yourself have been a victim of child abuse then
please join...
everyone is welcomed regardless of age, race, gender, religion,
sexual preference, parent or non-parent, ect...

Click images below to view the community...

Thank You,

Moderator of kiddie_rights

PS: To the moderators, if you dont allow community promos please feel free to delete this post, also we are looking for affiliates that deal with abuse prevention and survival, if you're intrested in joining the fight against abuse contact me at supersonicchica or email us at Thank you!!
Tags: community promo, legal
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