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Thought stirring

Imagery can be both focusing and healing, a wonderful reminder of things which comfort us, or of our inner strength. Inspired by some of last week's answers, this week's question is about how you view yourself.

A few of you mentioned a self-portrait, or a picture of yourself as things you focus on to get you through. Images such as these can remind us of where we've been, how much we've grown, what we loved and what we didn't, and what things about ourselves that we cherish.

So this week's question is:
If you were to paint a self-portrait, or get to arrange a photo of yourself, what would you include? What would be important to you to have with you in that portrait? If you were painting, what colors would you use? Would you have friends, family, or even animals with you? If you had no limit, what would have to be a part of that portrait?

Bonus question: Why would you choose those things?

For me, a self-portrait would need to have a few things - me out in nature, preferably with an animal or two hanging out (Bear, Crow, Wolf, etc.). Colors that would be important to me are reds, mixed in with black and white shading. I'd also like to be wearing something to remind me of my grandfather and my friend-family... probably some more wolf imagery, or maybe a good picture of my grandfather - or even having the Ukrainian flag in the background (I'm 1/4 Ukrainian, from L'Vov)

Why would I chose those? I feel most connected, the safest, and all around just *capable* of anything when I'm out in nature. Especially in the company of animals, it just feels like I fit, I belong. Out in nature it's okay to cry whenever you feel down, and to skip through the fields chasing butterflies when you feel bouncy. The colors for me are significant because they are colors I associate with strength, love, and my connection to other women and survivors. As for my grandfather, well, he was my saviour and hero, and my friend-family has proven to me that I can create a life I love and fill that sense of emptiness on the really bad days just by thinking of them. And for the Ukrainian flag, well, it's tough. I have so many associations with my grandfather and the Ukraine (he is my Ukrainian blood) - his view of his homeland as being honorable and brave and beautiful... it's just something that comforts me, makes me feel connected and strong and able. Also, the flag represents the blue sky over the fields of Ukraine (blue on gold)... which reminds me of being outdoors and all the good things that brings up

So, feel free to answer or not to answer. Remember, these questions are for you, to help think of how to get through the hard times, how to progress through your journey. The important thing is not what writing comes of these, but what comfort does.

You have all done a fantastic job with this over the last couple months. So frickin' proud to be a part of you as a community.
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