CyanideEffect (cyanideeffect) wrote in _survivors_,
_survivors_ firend Chris came over....he skipped school and was over at 730am.
So..everythign was ok..for a while. we watched alot of movies and just sat on my bed...than the idiot started putting the moves on me..
Ok..I went out with this kid for a whole summer and a few months in Freshman year..he knows my past, he knows his boundries and his limits..but yet he still pushed them and STILL tries to get farther.
It fucking makes me angry and sad and im NOT ok with it.God dman him. After he left I just cried adn I ended upp cutting becuase it felt like it did with my brother. I hate it I hate it and im so sorry.
Im a tease...actually I was ...Im so sorry, ill stop, I swaer. Im sorry im so so sorry.
Tags: coercion, guilt, inappropriate touching, victim-blaming
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