The tYpo queen (paperwings21) wrote in _survivors_,
The tYpo queen

My cry for help...

I need help getting out of my abusive situation.

First off, I have a 3 year old son with him. We live together. He is abusive and threatens to kill me if I call the cops on me. He is very very crazy, and says if I put him in jail he'll kill me when he gets out. He has nothing to lose.

I live in Canada. I would like to know if anyone can either refer me to someone on LJ that has gotten out of a similar situation, give me advice on what to do, or refer me to websites or services that can help me. Anything that might be useful to me.

I am desperate as I am scared as hell of what's going to happen to me and my son.

Thank you.

Tags: leaving abuser, threats
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