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Um, hello all! I'm your new moderator, sistahraven, Kate.

Since some folks are new here, here's my story, in a nutshell. I am a 24 year old survivor of incest. I was raped in my adult years, and have seen just about every flavor of abuse. I am bisexual, and a shamanistic-flavored pagan from the US (a New Englander to top it all).

Things to note:
- I've changed the community info to include anyone seeking the advice or support of survivors. They are, however, required to meet the same rules and guidelines. ANYONE being disrespectful can be booted without warning. It's okay to ask tough questions, even let someone know that some of their coping skills aren't the greatest. It's pretty obvious - use the golden rule.
- If for some reason I miss something you find offensive, please tell me!

Also, a question to pose to the group -
I've been tossing around the idea of a weekly post containing a quote, a question, etc. The intent would be to help you learn more about yourself, or help you find things to address, etc. Would you folks be interested in such a thing?

We've got such a diverse and dynamic group of people here, this is really an amazing and beautiful community. And that you guys are letting Mama Bear officially patrol? Man, that deserves some back-to-tree back scratching love (it's similar to the Rottweiler butt-dance of happiness, but standing up) :)
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