upfromthecraks (upfromthecraks) wrote in _survivors_,

so i know that i wrote about how bad springfield is.. and how the guy who raped me , was spanish from springfield.

tonight, well at 4:30 i've got to go and pick up girl from Hartford. Hartford is only a very short way from my house.
and oh, hartford made number 7 on the list of most dangerous cities.
girl goes to school in hartford for medicine.

she is from my small little uber suburban upper middle class town.
we are these two little white girls.
she was prom queen of our town. and i am this smart little red head.


i don't want to go get aly by myself today.. but she asked me.. and sounded desperate.
so.. i'm a good friend and i can NEVER say no to a friend.. i mean sometimes. im a suckerr.

i asked my mom if she would go with me. to pick up girl in hartford. she said, no.
so, she sucks.
sigh,....gotta go get changed.
wish me luck, its rush hour on Friday
Tags: safety

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