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i just came back from seeing the play Gum by Karen Hartman put on by my university.
i just relate a little too much
its about female mutilation
and so much more
i just feel like
i dont know
i want to scream and the one person whom i could seek solace from has the door closed, might not be here right now, and i dont want to bother
i feel like screaming
i feel like clawing on my ribcage
sometimes i wish i had the courage to slide something sharp and see my own blood but i never was a cutter or anything
i just dont know
i feel like i come from an entirely different place on this subject
i wish i could write my paper on the play right now
but i cant
because then i would have to talk about my own experiences with rape and molestation and destruction, since i am so emotional right now, and i dont want to make my poor innocent beautiful TA read that. she looks so pure. i would hope she wouldnt relate.
i dont know
someone squeeze the anxiety out of me please please please
Tags: anxiety, panic attacks

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