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Not triggering, I just need advice

Hey guys, the names Lyndsey....

I was molested for a number of years by my grandfather. I can't even remember back to a time when I wasn't being touched by this person .. So as you know, it's very devastating. Renectly, I'm going to have to go to trial to testify against this person because he plead "not guilty" ... Have any of you been through anything like this? I really do need some feedback as to what I might be in store for. I'm really nervous, and I don't really have a stable support system as of right now. I mean, I have my boyfriend and of course he tries to be there for me, but truth is he doesn't really know how I feel as much as he'd like to think he does. So I just need some reassurance I guess. I haven't seen him in a very long time, not since I was 15 and I'm 21 now ... Ugh. Just please help me?

Thanks a bunch.
Tags: legal, seeking opinions
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