Bethan (bethanthepurple) wrote in _survivors_,

Does anyone else find things harder when the anniversary of the bad event (or events) comes around?

It's not an issue for the stuff when I was younger cos I can't remember dates, but the last major attack has a date and a time, and I'm coming up to it's second anniversary now. I'm ok the vast majority of the time now, but as the date gets closer I get more memories, depression, stress & general nasties. Last year I stayed with a friend over the period who knew about the whole business, but I still had a bit of a freak out where I froze up & such when we passed over the actual time.

This year I'll be at a friend's birthday party in another city. No-one there will know cos I don't like having to tell people over and over again & keeping it going as an issue. So I'll be somewhere with lots of people where I won't be able to dash off home in case I freak out, and I know at the moment that I need to have The Conversation again, as well as the date looming... I'm a bit stressed at the minute.

How does everyone else deal with anniversaries? Is it as much of an issue for other people?
Tags: anniversaries
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